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Area 4 & National Championships

Please Read the Championship Protocol Below!

Winter Dressage at Richmond Equestrian Centre

When - 22nd October 2017
Where - Richmond Equestrian Centre

The next Area qualifier competition will be held at Richmond EC on Sunday 22nd October.

This is the one where ADRC are responsible for providing lots of helpers as part of the club's commitment to Area 4. In the past we have had up to 8 people needed for the day. Anyone who is wishing to represent the club perhaps next year at jumping might find this a good day to help and get ticked off the helpers list:) They can be very interesting as jobs vary from dressage writing, tack checking, stewarding score collecting and passport checking. We keep you supplied with hot drinks. Any offers, please let me know and we will be very grateful.

It is just dressage and successful riders may qualify for the Novice Winter Champs or the Intermediate Winter Champs in 2018. There are team entries and individuals, however numbers are limited to a maximum of 8 junior and 8 senior for the Novice and the Intermediate competition. There are 2 places for the Open Class.

The tests on offer are P12 (2005) and N28 (2008) for the Novice

P14 (2006), N24 (2010), N30 (2006) and E50 (2007) for the Intermediate

M63 (2002) and AM93 (2004) for the Open.

If you wish to be considered for any of the tests, please email Chelsea Winchurch on [email protected] with the completed form and fee.
Would you like to represent your club at regional qualifiers in all disciplines, with the chance of competing in national championships?  If the answer is yes then read on and find out how to enter......

This is the protocol for entering AREA COMPETITIONS.

  • Area 4 committee choose the date and venue for the competition following the guidelines in the BRC rule book.  All the clubs in Area 4 are notified and we then advertise these to our members. 
  • The entries have to be in with Area 4 and BRC a clear 21 days prior to the competition, and at this point every member competing MUST appear as a paid up member of the club. 
  • The closing date for the members to get their entry into the person organising the team may vary but generally speaking it’s at least 31 days prior to the competition due to the selection panel having to meet up and go through all the entries.
  • Therefore to avoid disappointment, if you see a competition that you would really like to be part of, send the entry form, payment and copy of your horse’s vaccination certificate back ASAP to the named person on the newsletter or website. No person will be accepted for an Area 4 competition without any of these.
  • Once the qualifier is over and the results sent to BRC Headquarters, you may be invited to ride at the National Championships representing ADRC and Area 4. The club is notified first and once we have your acceptance, will pay for the Championships entries. The club will also pay up to £50 expenses depending on the venue. (Aston Le Wall, Hartpury and Swalcliffe) The rest of the remaining costs are to be covered by the riders and may include 2/3 nights stabling.
  • Once accepted, the rider becomes liable to cover all costs incurred by the club in the event of withdrawal. Reserves are sometimes allowed but not always so, therefore the competitor will be liable for costs if no replacement is allowed or found.
  • If you enter an Area Competition you must be available to attend the Championship Date which will be notified at the opening of the Area Comp.


Please note:

Should a rider drop out 3 weeks or less before an event and a replacement is found then 50% entry fee is to be paid by both parties.  Should a rider drop out more than 3 weeks prior to an event then they are entitled to 100% refund.

Thank you - ADRC Committee

Area 4 Qualifier Dates 2017 - Schedules will be available nearer the event.

Novice / Intermediate Show Jumping - Jnrs Saturday / Snrs Sunday - Sat 25th & Sun 26th Feb - Bishop Burton

Show Cross-Sunday 19th March (back up date 25th March) - Epworth

Combined Training - Saturday 8th April - Bishop Burton

Horse Trials - Sunday 18th June- Helen Bell's

Dressage to Music  - Sunday 16th July - Manor Grange

Summer Show - Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd July - Richmond

Summer Camp Jnr & Snr between - 14th to 20th August - Bishop Burton - (Provisional dates only!)

BRITISH RIDING CLUBS CHAMPIONSHIP DATES FOR 2017 - Click the links to view more information

Vaccinations against Equine Influenza

  • This rule applies in respect of any horse or pony which competes in a BRC Area Qualifier and Championship.
  • The horse or pony must have been vaccinated against equine influenza by a veterinary surgeon who is not the owner of the animal, in accordance with the following rules:

  • The horse or pony must have received a primary injection followed by:
  • a second primary injection which is given not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days after the first
  • a first booster injection which is given not less than 150 days and not more than 215 days after the second primary injection
  • further annual booster injections at intervals of not more than a year apart
  • No vaccination to have been given on the day of a competition or entry to championship stables or on any of the 6 days before a competition or entry to championship stables.

  • If the current vaccination programme started BEFORE 1 January 2010:

the first two primary injections must be correct i.e. the second given between 21 and 92 days after the firstany errors with first booster (which should be given 150 – 215 days after the second primary injection) or annual booster given BEFORE 1 January 2010 may be ignored

all annual boosters given AFTER 1 January 2010 must be correct

  • If the current vaccination programme started AFTER 1 January 2010:
the first two primary injections must be correct i.e. the second given between 21 and 92 days after the firstthe first booster must be given between 150 and 215 days after the second primary injection

all annual boosters must be correct

  • Horses may compete at BRC Competitions providing that they have had the first two primary injections. No injection should have been given on any of the 6 days before a competition or entry to championship stables.
  • In the event of failure to comply with any of the requirements of this rule, the horse or pony will be disqualified and not permitted to take part in any competition to which these rules apply.

Hat Tagging and Body Protectors

All members are now required to have their hats tagged before competing in any BRC qualifier or championship this year. For acceptable specifications check the Hat Standards Guidelines.

All competitors in BRC XC phases must now wear a BETA Level 3 (Purple Label) Body Protector manufactured in the year 2000 or after. For more information, see our Body Protector Guidelines.