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Area 4 & National Championships 

 Please read the requirements before entering

Would you like to represent your club at regional qualifiers in all disciplines? 

Please ensure that if selected, you are available to compete at the Championship!


This is the protocol for entering BTC AREA COMPETITIONS.

  • Flu Vaccination, All competing horses and ponies must have an up to date full flu vaccination certificate. If your flu vaccination does not comply, or you do not bring the complete record with you, you will be eliminated. Check the Flu Vac rules, we can check but ultimately the responsibility is yours.

  • Hat Tagging and Body Protectors, you are now required to have your hats tagged before competing in any BRC qualifier or championship this year. For acceptable specifications, check the Hat Standards Guidelines.

  • All competitors in BRC XC phases must now wear a BETA Level 3 (Purple Label) Body Protector manufactured in the year 2018 or after. Further information on permitted body protectors can be found in BRC News. Check the Body protector rules

  • Area 4 committee choose the date and venue for the competition following the guidelines in the BRC rule book. All the clubs in Area 4 are notified and we then advertise these to our members.

  • The entries have to be in with Area 4 and BRC a clear 21 days prior to the competition, and at this point every member competing MUST appear as a paid up member of the club.

  • The closing date for the members to get their entry into the person organising the team may vary but generally speaking it’s at least 31 days prior to the competition due to the selection panel having to meet up and go through all the entries. Therefore to avoid disappointment, if you see a competition that you would really like to be part of, send the entry form, payment and copy of your horse’s vaccination certificate back ASAP to the named person on the newsletter or website. No person will be accepted for an Area 4 competition without any of these.

  • The club has to provide help at the qualifiers and over the year it is equivalent to 15 days plus fence judges at cross country days. If these days aren’t covered teams and riders may not be able to ride competitively on the day. Please look for a qualifier where you can help or you have someone who can do it for you. The club will give £10 per person towards costs for a whole day and if we can share cars it does help too.

  • Once the qualifier is over and the results sent to BRC Headquarters, you may be invited to ride at the National Championships representing ADRC and Area 4. The club is notified first and once we have your acceptance, will do the Championships entries. Sometimes the club is able to offer some financial assistance eg entry fees or a night’s stabling. The rest of the remaining costs are to be covered by the riders and may include 2/3 nights stabling. Those riders who have not helped within the last year will not be offered this assistance. An hour or so at championships will be noted but at least a day’s cover is required

  • Once accepted, the rider becomes liable to cover all costs incurred by the club in the event of withdrawal. Reserves are sometimes allowed but not always so, therefore the competitor will be liable for costs if no replacement is allowed or found.

  • If you enter an Area Competition you must be available to attend the Championship Date which will be notified at the opening of the Area Comp unless prior agreement with the team manager.


  • Please note: Should a rider drop out 3 weeks or less before an event and a replacement is found then 50% entry fee is to be paid by both parties, there will be no refund if no replacement. If it is within 2 days the entry is forfeit. Should a rider drop out before the Preliminary fees are paid then a full refund will be made. 

  • Thank you - ADRC Committee

AREA 4 Qualifiers

 26th November 2023

Dressage to Music, Quadrille and Introductory Qualifiers 

Northallerton Equestrian Centre, Yafforth, DL7 0PQ


 8 - 10th March 2024

Dressage to Music, Quadrille and Introductory Championships 

Bury Farm Equestrian, Slapton,

Bucks, LU7 9BT 

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