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Member's Only Show Jumping

Next Competition:

 19th November - Mill Lane, Selby

Open to members & non members

Show Jumping takes place at:

Moorhouse Equestrian Centre,

Gap Farm, Moorhouse,

Doncaster DN6 7HA

The results of each competition are entered in to the Winter League.

Entry Fees: Pre entry only,

Classes: Clear Round Per Horse/Rider £7.00

Competitive: Per Horse and Rider £10.50

Start Time: 9.30am unless otherwise stated.

NEW RULES 2020/2021

Riders can choose to do any height as a Clear Round class and then compete in a higher class. They can not do Clear Round and then Compete at the same height.

Riders can however compete at a height and then enter the same height as a Clear Round.

In the past combinations who have won the 60/65cm league at Members’ Only, move up to the next level or ride the class as a clear round.

From October 2020 this also includes the winners of the 45cm and 55cm classes. Anyone can still ride in the class but it will be non competitive and not be allocated any points.


To run the showjumping we will need helpers to take entries, steward the collecting ring and pole pick.

Remember we are keeping a record of helpers and will take this into consideration when choosing riders for Area 4 Competitions.

Rosettes awarded  1st to 6th / Split Junior and Seniors


Class 1:40cm - Horse or pony not to have won more than £20 unaffiliated prize money. 

Class 2: 50cm - Horse or pony not to have won more than £20 unaffiliated prize money.

Open only to non BS registered horses or ponies.

To be jumped competitively.

Class 3: 60cm - Horse or pony not to have won more than £20 unaffiliated prize money.

Open only to non BS registered horses or ponies.

To be jumped competitively.

Class 4: 70cm - Open only to non BS registered horses or ponies

Class 5: 80cm - Open to any combination

Class 6: 90cm - Open to any combination

Class 7: 100cm - Open to any combination


  • All horses and ponies must be 4 year old in current year to compete.

  • Members may compete the same horse / pony competitively in only 2 classes plus Clear round i.e; 60cm & 70cm, 70 & 80cm, 80cm & 90cm or 90cm & 100cm at any one event.

  • Any additional round at the same event must be paid for and ridden HC (non-competitive).

  • Competition classes are2 phase with jump off against the clock

  • Hats to current standard & riding boots in ALL classes and correct riding dress must be worn IN CLASSES 2-7.


Is carried out in accordance with British riding Club rules:

Knocking down any part of an obstacle including the wing .. 4 faults

First disobedience on the whole course..................................4 faults

Second disobedience on the whole course................................. 8 faults

Third disobedience on the whole course.............................Elimination

Fall of horse and/or rider................................Elimination

Every second commenced over the time allowed.............. 1 time penalty

Riders are required to start within 45 seconds of the bell being rung. Please be mindful of outside assistance, it could result in the rider being eliminated (clear round excluded in this rule).

Each competitive class will be run under Table A7

(1 round with equal tying horses of 0 penalties participating in a Jump - Off against the clock) unless stated otherwise.

In the jump off the fences will only be raised a max of 5cms, ie in the 80cms class the jump off will be no more than 85cms.

Points for Winter League

At each event points will be awarded as detailed below:

1st = 10

2nd = 8

3rd = 6

4th = 4

5th = 2

6th = 1

All double clears 2 points

Any competitor entering 2 or more horses/ponies in any one class will only be awarded the highest placed points in that class, this is to ensure that every member has a fair chance whether they own 1 horse/pony or one hundred!

Overall Points

All points earned throughout the year will be carried forward to the Annual Presentation Evening. Points are awarded to each horse/rider combination.

Senior and Junior overall points winners will be placed down to 6th place. Winners will hold the perpetual shield for one year and a championship rosette..

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