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Dressage & Combined Training - Members Only

Next Dressage Event :

Saturday 20th July

Members’ Dressage:

Our members’ competitions are suitable for those who would like to have a go, up to our eager competitive champions.

The atmosphere is always friendly and supportive and yet the aim for best score remains.

Rosettes are from 1-6th place and split into Juniors and Seniors if there are 2 or more of each age group.

We run two types of competitions, Points League and Stressless , both are open to members and non-members.

Most competitions are run with the following order: Intros, P test, Novice test and then Pick Your Own from P, N or E tests. Results are published at the end of each class. Occasionally the riders may pick their times and results are published when the last one in a class has gone.

Closing Date is the Wednesday before the competition.


We are hoping each member who enters will give a short time on the day to help run your competitions, giving the organisers chance to ride their own horses. Please let me know on your entry form if you are able to help.



The Points League:

The points are accumulated for your scores over the year (see points table/scores below) but it is run like a normal Dressage Competition. The points are as below -Please read the rules below! 

*Cost per class

£11.00 for ADRC members

£13.00 for Non Members*



Combinations who have won the ADRC Intro or P level leagues at members’ only competitions in 2022 or the previous 2 years cannot do 2 tests at that level competitively. They may enter one class but the second one at the same level would be deemed to be non-competitive.


For specific enquiries please contact Sheila Rogerson 07780 904857



Stressless Dressage:

These are competitions held throughout the year but they are more relaxed and you can have a go or practice without any need to bath/plait or get dressed up! 


A relaxed spin on a normal dressage competition. Correct hats and footwear must be worn, but clothing and plaiting is your choice. Tack must still conform to the usual dressage rules i.e no boots in the ring and correct bits/bridles etc.

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Dressage Rules & Points

Dressage = Highest % wins.


The league is run over the year from Jan – Dec and points count from 2 competitions or more. Members will receive points for each competition attended, and rider points will be gained by using your placing in the class against other members in that class - SEE BELOW. If there are 2 seniors and 1 junior the seniors will receive We hope members will come and support it and see that 'Stressage' isn't so bad!

The member’s only days are aimed at all levels to ‘have a go’ and to build on already flourishing dressage careers. The club has made its mark in other disciplines, and are now featuring in dressage & giving others a ‘run for their money’!


The points system for our Dressage Season is shown below.


Each rider will receive 1 point for competing in the class

Additional points are then awarded according to their placing in the class depending on entries


FIRST...........8 Points

SECOND........6 Points

THIRD...........5 Points

FOURTH.........4 Points

FIFTH............3 Points

SIXTH............2 Points

If there are 6 or more entries the points are as above. If less then it is as follows,

1 entry  = 2 + 1 for attending

2 entries = 3+ 1 for attending

3 entries = 4 +1 for attending

4 entries = 5+ 1 for attending

5 entries = 6 + 1 for attending

Moorhouses EC

unless otherwise stated


Saturday 22nd July  - Open

  Members & non members 

Sunday 10th March  - Open

  Members & non members 



Saturday 13th January  - Open

  Members & non members    

Saturday 4th November - OPEN

Open members & non members

Sunday 8th October - Open                   Members & non members                                        

Class 1 Intro A Class 2 Intro B Class 3 P 13,

Class 4 P18  Class 5 N27 Class 6 N 28

Class 7 Pairs,  Walk & Trot test Cost £16 for the pair.

Class 1 Intro C, Class 2 Intro A, Class 3 P14,   Class 4  P18, Class 5 Nov 30   

Class 1 Intro A, Class 2 Intro B, Class 3 P12,  Class 4  Nov 27, Class 5 Pick a Test P14, Nov 28

Class 1 Intro C, Class 2 Intro A, Class 3          Class 4  Nov 24,

Class 5 Pick a Test P 2, Nov 27 

Combined Training Rules

Combined Training = Jump penalties will be added to dressage penalties…lowest score wins!


Riders must nominate the height they wish to jump when entering.


If you are doing multiple dressage tests, please nominate which dressage test you wish to use for your combined score on the entry form.

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