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Ackworth & District Riding Club

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ADRC Presentation Evening 2017

When - 3rd November 2017

Where - The Electric Theatre
Celebrating the achivements of our members.
Open to members, family and friends.
After the presentation ceremony there will be light bites and disco so we can all PARTY!!!!

Trophy Winners 2016

Member helper. This is for someone not on the committee who is recognised as offering their services to help as well as participating in club events. Sharron Hepworth has volunteered to do all day stints at Area qualifiers and other activities during this year which is a great help.

The other member we wish to recognise is Richard Metcalfe. Not only did he enable us to rent the field but this year he has cut the grass several times so it was spot on for training and competitions. 

Non member helper. Many people recognise the voice of commentary at our members’ show jumping and Mrs Val Hobson has been part of the set up for the last two years. She has trained several of our members to do the scoring and tries to keep them in order☺

Sen Newcomer. This lady isn’t really a newcomer as many moons ago she belonged to the club but I’m probably one of a few who remember. Although it hasn’t been the easiest year she has been to many club competitions and events and ended up winning a rosette at the National championships at Lincoln. Welcome back. 

Judith Walker

Jun Newcomer. Sometimes members are not as well known, but this young lady has been noticed for being willing to have a go, listen to advice and keep trying if things don’t go perfectly. There have been times when she has been a team reserve and not known whether she was in or out but no moans so delighted to say well done to

Lucy Hollinworth

Most improved Senior. This is a hard category as over the year partnerships are spotted at club events, area qualifiers and training. This “young” lady has joined in with all the above this year and her confidence has really increased. We hope to see even more success next season with the club. Congratulations. 

Lorraine Holmes

Most improved Jun. We are very fortunate to have so many good juniors in the club and some join after a few years with the Pony Club whilst others start with us. This young man has been with us for less than three years and from going round the clear round classes and learning to canter he has been to championships, club events and is always willing to help pole pick. His dressage scores have zoomed ever higher this year and with his new horse Ferodo the jumping has gone up too. One of our most well known members-Bradley Allsopp

Senior RC Member This is being given to someone who came onto the committee for a bit of a laugh. Organising the social at the field, helping with setting up the show, being in charge of club events, fence judging when necessary and this year she has taken on the training officer’s role and team cheer leader. It has meant hours of work and lots of gin to enable her to cope☺  She has been a voice for the less competitive rider on the committee whilst reminding everyone our main aim is to have fun in our hobby. Many thanks go to Lynn Proctor

Jun RC Member Sometimes there are members who make people smile and this young lady is one of them. She has had to spend a lot of her time waiting for others to compete whilst she watches and no one has ever heard her complain. She has been a willing messenger at the club show jumping events and this year alongside her brother she went collecting for Willberry the Wonder Pony at the Horse Trials qualifier. No one was allowed to escape and she was a major part of the £955 raised by shaking that bucket at everyone. Congratulations-

Amelia Hardy

Horse of the year. Many horses over the year have been noticed for performance and improvement, and this one has had an extra special year, going to several championships with rosettes to show for it. The partnership between horse and rider has developed so much in the past few years and with pleasure the trophy goes to 

Hilltop Bouncer – Amelia Simpson

Pony of the year. This gelding is a cheeky chap who lives up to his name. When the competition is important, he seems to know and raises his game especially when jumping. He’s had a fantastic year. He doesn’t always make it easy for his rider but I’m sure she will always remember him when she is old and grey as the pony who taught her to ride and not be a passenger.

Willpower – Ella Richardson

Outstanding Achievements. This has also been a very hard category as there are many worthy winners due to the success of many riders. This partnership has taken part in many competitions and their clear rounds have been vital to teams at several qualifiers. They have had a wonderful year at qualifiers and National Championships and achieving a fantastic 3rd in the Horse Trials was surely a highlight. The winner is 

Mary Foster – Maytime

Services to the Club. What can I say but this person has for many years lived and breathed ADRC. More people than ever have competed under the ADRC banner because of her. She has put a great deal of time and effort into this club as she was the driving force for our being able to have a field and all the jumps. Many of our open competitions have also benefitted from her organisation and time. We hope you realise how much it has all been appreciated-

Sharon Webb

Dressage Points League Winners


Showjumping Points League Winners